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To prevent bad smells, rinse any packaging that needs it. There is no need to wash it completely.

Remember to deposit the bag you used to carry the packaging in the drop-off container: in the yellow container if it is a plastic bag or in the blue one if it is a paper bag.

Always unplug mobile-phone, tablet and mp3-player chargers once your devices are fully recharged. They continue to use energy.

Plasma televisions consume almost twice the energy of LCD televisions. That might be worth bearing in mind when you buy a new one.

You can reduce your energy consumption by about 60 to 70% by using a microwave rather than a normal oven.

Try switching off the stand-by on televisions, computers, DVD players and other devices. That little red light can account for about 5% of all electricity consumed in your home.

Using energy-saving light bulbs at home reduces your electricity bill and your CO2 emissions.

To save water, have you ever thought of collecting the cold water when you turn on the shower to water plants or flush the toilet?

Remember, almost all packaging can be recycled: plastic, metal, paper and cardboard, glass and wood. Although less common, wooden packaging should also be taken to recycling drop-off centres.