When we talk about packaging, we are talking about any and all products made from any type of material that are used to contain, protect, move, handle, deliver and present goods, which may be raw materials or manufactured products, from the producer to the end user or final consumer. This definition also includes all “disposable” articles used for the same purpose.

The system managed by Sociedade Ponto Verde only includes non-reusable packaging of goods intended for the domestic market
Sociedade Ponto Verde covers packaging of any type of material:
And all categories of packaging, whatever their purpose:
Any packaging designed so as to constitute a sales unit to the final user or consumer at the point of purchase
Cereal box, Aerosol, Jam jar, Yoghurt jar, Shampoo bottle, Water bottle, Olive oil bottle, Wine bottle, Beer can, Food tin, Paint can, Milk carton, Sugar packet
Multipacks are packaging (usually paper and/or plastic) that group several individual sales units (with its own barcode) and were designed for sale to the end user.
Certain practical rules have been adopted for the drinks and milk sectors to facilitate the definition of a multipack:
Type of grouped packaging Limit* for classification as a multipack
All grouped packaging containing wines and spirits (except sparkling and semi-sparkling wines). 3 primary units or fewer (e.g. box of two bottles of wine)
Multipack ≤ 3 units
All grouped packaging of sparkling and semi-sparkling wine 2 primary units (e.g. box of two bottles of sparkling wine)
Multipack = 2 units
All grouped packaging containing milk or drinks, except wines and spirits, if the content of the (primary) sales unit is 1 litre or more.
Primary ≥ 1 litre
10 litres or less of total content (e.g. 6 x 1.5l of water or 4 x 2l of soft drink)
Multipack ≤ 10 litres
All grouped packaging containing milk or drinks, except wines and spirits, if the content of the sales unit is less than 1 litre.
Primary < 1 litre
12 primary units or fewer(e.g. 6 cans of soft drink)
Multipack ≤ 12 units
*expressed as the total volume of product in the multipack or number of units in the multipack
Plastic grouping 6 cartons of milk, Plastic grouping 4 bottles of water or soft drink, Cardboard grouping 6 bottles of beer
Packaging that is filled or made up by companies, normally traders and retailers and companies in the services or food and beverage sectors, and intended solely for packing products that they sell at their outlets.
Plastic or paper bags for bread and cakes, Bag for fruit and vegetables sold by the kg, Ready-made food packaging, Packaging for flowers sold by florists, Plastic covering used by laundries to protect clean clothes.
Packaging, normally plastic or paper bags with handles provided by traders and retailers for consumers to carry products bought on leaving points of sale.
Plastic bag with handles (provided in hypermarkets)
Paper bag with handles (provided in a clothes shop)