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Quem somos
Sociedade Ponto Verde provomer a recolha selectiva, a retoma e reciclagem de embalagens em Portugal
Porque existimos
It’s simple. The law says that packers, fillers, or importers who place packaged products on the market are responsible for the management and end disposal of packaging waste. However, the law also says that that responsibility can be delegated to a duly licensed body, because it would be hard for companies to collect the packaging from the home of each consumer.
Desde 1996 As such, Sociedade Ponto Verde was established by a group of companies that place packaged products on the market (packers and fillers). Since 1996 it has been at the forefront of packaging recycling, has generated a virtually infinite sustainability loop and has helped to increase the useful life of materials and protect the environment.

A nossa missão é gerir e organizar Sigre
Our mission is to organize and manage the take-back and recovery of packaging
through the Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (SIGRE) - the Green Dot system.

We do this on behalf of packers/fillers/importers, manufacturers of packaging and packing materials, and distributors.

O que fazemos

Financiamos, Garantimos, Acompanhamos, Promovemos, Apoiamos
we fund municipal councils’ waste collection and maintenance of recycling drop-off containers we guarantee the recycling of separated waste, selling used packaging (paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, steel and aluminium) to recyclers we oversee the routing of packaging to the most appropriate end use: recycling or energy production we promote environmental education and awareness-raising for consumers via media campaigns and support for local authorities we support research programmes to foster the market for recycled products and materials.

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