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Quem somos
Sociedade Ponto Verde provomer a recolha selectiva, a retoma e reciclagem de embalagens em Portugal
Porque existimos
It’s simple. The law says that packers, fillers, or importers who place packaged products on the market are responsible for the management and end disposal of packaging waste. However, the law also says that that responsibility can be delegated to a duly licensed body, because it would be hard for companies to collect the packaging from the home of each consumer.
Desde 1996 As such, Sociedade Ponto Verde was established by a group of companies that place packaged products on the market (packers and fillers). Since 1996 it has been at the forefront of packaging recycling, has generated a virtually infinite sustainability loop and has helped to increase the useful life of materials and protect the environment.

A nossa missão é gerir e organizar Sigre
Our mission is to organize and manage the take-back and recovery of packaging
through the Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (SIGRE) - the Green Dot system.

We do this on behalf of packers/fillers/importers, manufacturers of packaging and packing materials, and distributors.

O que fazemos

Financiamos, Garantimos, Acompanhamos, Promovemos, Apoiamos
we fund municipal councils’ waste collection and maintenance of recycling drop-off containers we guarantee the recycling of separated waste, selling used packaging (paper/cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, steel and aluminium) to recyclers we oversee the routing of packaging to the most appropriate end use: recycling or energy production we promote environmental education and awareness-raising for consumers via media campaigns and support for local authorities we support research programmes to foster the market for recycled products and materials.

Objectivos Pirncipal, Taca de Retoma, Corpo Accionista, Ponto Verde no Mundo PDF LINK

marcos na história da Sociedade Ponto Verde
  • 2019
    Recovering the real Christmas and the tradition of always is the motto of the Christmas campaign of Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV), which aims to lead the Portuguese to reflect on the importance of small gestures that must be kept throughout the year, since the union the recycling.
  • 2019
    "It's only this time ..." is the phrase that sets the tone for the new SPV awareness campaign that comes to put the Portuguese thinking about the importance of everyone participating in recycling. The advertising film uses socially incorrect behavior to prove that one time is always “too many times".
  • 2019
    On the 11th of January, is the celebration of the International Thanksgiving Day and the SPV cannot fail to thank all the Portuguese people who make recycling a success in Portugal and which, packaging by packaging, transforms our planet into a better place.
  • 2018
    "Transform Ideals into Real Gestures" was the challenge that SPV launched to the Portuguese, encouraging them to become an even more active part in the great and important commitment that is recycling.
  • 2017
    With the campaign On Christmas Discover the Magic of Recycling, we showed the Portuguese that recycling, in a time of great waste production, is such a charming gesture that it can even transform packaging into gifts.
  • 2017
    The campaign “Recycling, Always!” appears in 2017 with the aim of encouraging recycling habits in any context. SPV wants to go further and take packaging separation habits outside the home.
  • 2015
    In 2015 we cleared up recycling myths with the help of Nuno Markl and César Mourão.
  • 2014
    Missão Reciclar was the largest awareness campaign in the field that Sociedade Ponto Verde had ever organised. SPV contacted 2 million Portuguese homes and distributed 300 mil ecobags.
  • 2013
    A lot can be said about recycling in one minute. In nine films we told a number of stories and answered lots of queries.
  • 2012
    In 2012 we showed the Portuguese that together in one hour we can recycle enough paper to wrap up the Tejo Bridge or metal to make 450 bicycles.
  • 2011
    We are 15 years old! And thanks to you we open the first 30 study rooms, supported by the Message in a Bottle campaign calling on people to separate glass.
  • 2010
    We continue our social role with the Reciclar é dar e receber (Recycling is giving and receiving) campaign. Once again, with your help we are able to provide 2,000 school kits to disadvantaged infant-school children, enabling them to start school life in the best possible manner.
  • 2009
    SPV begins managing dangerous non-domestic industrial waste. The Embalagens (Packaging) campaign shows people what becomes of recycled packaging. It leaves everybody smiling.
  • 2008
    The first social-responsibility campaign is launched in cooperation with Laço, and thanks to all of the packaging you placed in recycling drop-off containers we buy two mobile breast-cancer screening vans. On behalf of all Portuguese women, thank you!
  • 2007
    Crescidos (Grown-ups) and Pedinchões (Cajolers) round off the series begun with Piqueno two years before, breaking down barriers with non-separators.
  • 2006
    SPV is ten years old! Perguntas (Questions) and Teatro (Theatre) are back to answer all of your queries as consumers.
  • 2005
    SPV creates a new logo to update its image. Children are the new stars of our advertising campaign with Enganos (Mistakes) and Piqueno (Teeny). Also, with your valuable help this is also the year that we hit our first recycling targets!
  • 2004
    SPV’s licence to manage all packaging is renewed by the Ministry of Economic Activities and Labour and the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Planning. We launch our first television programmes: Ponto Verde and Ponto por Ponto.
  • 2001
    We maintain a constant campaigning presence on television, with such adverts as the girl who demonstrates how to separate packaging. It’s child’s play!
  • 2000
    Branching out from solely domestic waste, we are also now able to manage non-urban (industrial, agricultural, commercial and service) packaging. This year, Portuguese television’s best-known chimpanzee, Gervásio, shows us all how to separate packaging!
  • 1999
    We launch our first institutional television campaign. The recycling "bean" begins to germinate in Portuguese minds. Also, the Verdoreca subsystem (aimed at the hotel, restaurant and catering trade) is launched.
  • 1998
    In January we open our first office, just as Portugal’s packaging-management legislation enters into force. The first pieces of packaging are sent for recycling on 10 July!
  • 1997
    The Ministry of the Economy and Ministry of the Environment grant our first licence to manage the Green Dot system for household packaging. We begin our press campaign with our first advertisement.
  • 1996
    SPV is created in November by companies that package the products we all consume.
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