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Where do I dispose of coffee capsules?

The companies that sell the capsules usually collect them and send them for recycling.

Garrafa de água

Should oil bottles be washed before they are put in the yellow recycling drop-off container?

No, just drain them well, flatten them and put them in the yellow container.

Garrafa de óleo

What should I do with the tops of water bottles before putting them in the yellow recycling drop-off container?

When the bottles are empty, flatten them and put the tops back on to make the most of the space in the drop-off container and during transport.

Pacote de leite ou sumo

Do milk cartons go in the blue recycling drop-off container?

No, you should dispose of milk and other drinks cartons in the yellow container.

Garrafa de óleo

Are screw tops recyclable?

Screw tops can be recycled if they are made of metal or plastic, meaning they go in the yellow drop-off container.

Saco de plástico

Can I put dirty plastic bags in the recycling drop-off container?

Yes, plastic bags can go into drop-off containers even if they are dirty, provided that their contents have been drained, as they are washed during the recycling process.


Where should I put rubber gloves for domestic use?

Rubber gloves are not packaging and should therefore be thrown away in normal household waste.


Where do I dispose of light bulbs?

Light bulbs go into the Ponto Electrão or Depositrão, which are normally located in shopping centres.

Boião de vidro

Can I put cosmetic jars in the recycling drop-off containers?

Glass cosmetic jars and perfume bottles can be put in the green drop-off container. If the spray on the perfume bottle is made of plastic and is easy to remove, take it off and put it in the yellow container and the rest in the green one. If it does not come off, you can put the whole thing in the green container.