Packaging is very important in our daily lives and in the choices we make about the products we need. Packaging is not merely a container for a given product.

As well as facilitating transport and storage by protecting products, packaging also provides suitable hygiene and preservation conditions and enables consumers to choose from a range of different quantities.

Packaging is constantly evolving in order to respond effectively to the demands of everyone involved during its life cycle.

It also provides information and advertises the product, making consumer choice easier. Our modern concept of packaging has arisen from the need to improve distribution since the 1970s, with more and more people living in towns and cities.

As such, packaging has had to adapt to modern consumer demands, and has played an essential role in guiding those demands. Currently, given the technological advances in this field and the exponential rise in consumption, packaging represents an increasing proportion of the solid urban waste produced every day, and that waste has risen over the last 30 years.
Packaging accounts for about 20% of the waste we produce